IMG_20150218_102718A successful borehole projects begins with locating a viable point for drilling of a productive well. There are a number
of hydro-geophysical survey methods ranging from Electrical Resisting Method, Electromagnetic Method, Induced polarization Method, etc.A combination of Methods may be required in some cases.

Insist on hydro-geophysical survey before your borehole is drilled.




The role of geophysical methods in Groundwater Exploration is vital. Its chief aim is to understand the hidden subsurface hydro-geological conditions accurately and adequately. Since the base of any geophysical method is the contrast between the physical properties of the target and the environs, the better the contrast or anomaly, better would be geophysical response and hence the identification. So, the efficacy of any geophysical techniques lies in its ability to sense and resolve the hidden subsurface hydro-geological heterogeneity or variation. Hence for groundwater exploration, a judicious application or integration of techniques is most essential to become successful in exploration, technologically as well as economically.